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FAMILIAR : VERSION 4: Approaching functions with Casyopee DIDIREM TEAM Functions, Geometry
ALIEN CRUISLET DIDIREM new version Artigue, Cazes, Le Feuvre, Lagrange, Meyrier, Vandebrouck
Modelling with Equations (familiar) Jehad Alshwaikh, Ken Kahn, Candia Morgan, Dusanka Nicolic, Niall Winters. Institute of Education - London Knowledge Lab equations, kinematics, dynamics, graphs
Approaching functions with Casyopee (familiar) DIDIREM TEAM Functions, geometry
Navigation in Geographical Space (familiar) ETL Team Functions, 3d representations, Geographical coordinates, Sperical coordinates
Programmable constructions in 3D geometrical space (familiar) Giorgos Psycharis, Maria Latsi, Chronis Kynigos 3d geometrical figures, Spatial orientation / visualisation, Dynamic manipulation / transformation of 3d objects
Equality and equivalent notions in treating algebraic expressions and equations (familiar) G. P. Chiappini, B. Pedemonte, E. Robotti, F. Vannucci Algebraic expressions, Polynomials, Equations
Structural aspect of algebraic expressions (familiar) J. Trgalova, H. Chaachoua - MeTAH, Grenoble (France) algebra
Functional approach to equations and inequalities using ALNUSET (alien) Jana Trgalova, Hamid Chaachoua, MeTAH-LIG, Grenoble, France algebra and functions
Building in 3D (alien) Jehad Alshwaikh, Candia Morgan, Guinevere Dyker IOE/LKL 3D geometrical figures, spatial visualisation, 2D representation of 3D space, angles and turns in 3D
Exploring the structure of numerical expressions (alien) Chiappini G., Pedemonte B., Robotti E., Viglienzone P. Numerical expressions , Tree representation
Modelling in Casyopee (alien) M. Maracci, M.A. Mariotti algebraic model of geometrical problems
Introduction to algebra: structural sense of expressions (alien) L. Maffei, M.A. Mariotti, C. Sabena - UNISI arithmetic, algebra
Multiple representations of 3D deplacement using Cruislet (alien) Artigue, Le Feuvre, Lagrange, Meyrier Didirem 3D geographical position coordinates, 3D vector spherical coordinates, vector addition, Logo programming
Juggling with equations (alien) Foteini Moustaki, Chronis Kynigos Equations, Algebraic formalism, Modeling, Equations of motion